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M-Fins aims to provide you a low cost Digital Marketing Services in India with affordable range.
We initiate campaigns to provide our consumers with the best solutions to meet their targets in a short span of time. Our systematic and detailed strategy allows our customers to expand their global reach and meet new market standards. Brainstorming everything to its best is the highest priority practice of M-Fins. Being a leading digital marketing and , we only adore originality and innovation in our agency.

1. Google My Business Listing

Every day, billions of people use Google to search a local business — tv repair shop, home repair services, restaurant near me, car repair, and so much more.

1. In 2020 93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business.

2. 88 % of potential customer look for online review before choosing local services.

3. Local business recived 94% of calls from google.

4. 90% of the world population only clicks on links that result in the first page and second page.

5. 64 % of consumers have work google business profile to find contact information.

Google my business

2. Website Development

Build a Unique Website for Higher Conversions

1. Create a Business Website with the Top Web Development

2. eCommerce Website Design

3. Small Business Website

4.Corporate Website Design

5. Web Application Development

website design

3. Android App Development


1. Large Enterprise

2. Small and Medium Sized Businesses

3. Start-ups

4. Mobile App Development

5. Ecommerce Application Development

Android App

4. Web Based Bulk WhatsApp

Our online bulk whatsapp messaging application allows you to Send Bulk Whatsapp messages with other added features like autoresponder, chatbot, API etc

1. Call to action buttons.

2. Send Unlimited bulk messages

3. Auto Reply Messages

4. Chatbot

5. Send messages to number not in contact

web based bulk whatsapp

5. Windows Based Bulk WhatsApp

You can send bulk whatsapp messages without saving the contacts in your contact list. just upload the contacts using a file or just paste them in the software and start sending the messages. you can even attach images, videos, files etc. the software also allows you to send dynamic messages with names and other variables.

1. Send Unlimited Messages

2. Send personalized messages

3. Send Images, Videos & Files

4. Send images with caption

5. Upload Contacts from File

bulk whatsapp

6. Digital Business Card

Our digital business card platform makes designing a card simple, convenient, and reliable.

1. Freedom From Boring Printed Business Cards

2. Design your digital visiting card in 2 minutes

3. This Online Vcard is always in your pocket, never tears and never runs out.

4. Your Digital Visiting Card can be easily updated with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won't need to re-print a business card again.

5. 35 Premium themes

digital card

7. Prommotional Video

ervice Promotion Video Template helps to promote the benefits of your service or company.

1. We Provide Business Promotional/Advertisement Video At Best Price

2. Inforgraphics Video

3. Whiteboard Animation Video

4. Video/Photo Slider Video

5. Business Promotional Video

promo video

Digital Post Maker Application

We provide a variety of digital posters, with templates like “Small/Large Industries” who want to convey their goals and ethos, or “Sports” for those looking to capture their traditions.

You can make festivals with this app. And it is free to use, and anyone can use it. Adding your company name and logo to a festival image will allow you to create online cards for events.

M-Fins Digital Post Maker - Indian Festival and Political Poster Maker App helps individual business person, little endeavor, medium level undertaking proprietor and huge corporate organizations to plans Daily Post, Jayanti Banners, Festival Photo Frame, Day Product Promo, Political Election Publicity, Ads Banner, Greeting, Festive Card and illustrations plan idea and thoughts for computerized advertising to advance business.

digital post maker

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