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Amazon Easy Store Franchise

Amazon easy store franchise is one of the best business opportunity offers by M-Fins. With Amazon Easy We offer a great business opportunity with low upfront costs and we provide supported marketing programs to take your online sales to the next level.

Amazon Easy Store Franchise Partner is a program that helps all ecommerce businesses to provide online shopping assistance to all their potential customers. The main aim of this program is to help owners to start their ecommerce journey quickly. With the help of the Amazon Easy Store Franchise, the business owners can easily build their customers base and attract them to the store.

This online shopping platform allows customers to shop for various products across different categories like fashion accessories, daily staples, and electronics from the Amazon Easy Store in India. All the amazon easy store customers can get their product deliveries at the doorstep without any delay.

amazon easystore franchise

Amazon Easy Store Registration Eligibility

Here are some of the eligibility criteria you should consider before registering for the Amazon Easy Store franchise.

  • You should be above 18 years of age.
  • Your qualification should be a minimum 12th pass.
  • Person from any profession can be a part of this business.
  • You should be able to execute the basic marketing activities.
  • You must have purchased Amazon products online before.
  • You must have a basic knowledge of computers.
  • Your store area should be 200 sq ft.
  • Your store must be located on the ground floor and centrally located.

Why join Amazon Easy with M-Fins?

  • Personalized Branding

    We provide all our store partners with the branding materials of Amazon Easy to attract more customers and build their customer base. · We also assist them with various other services that can be beneficial for them and help them earn the highest commission as soon as possible and increase their revenue.
  • Reach all over India

    We believe that we can help franchise owners reach their full potential and earn good Amazon Easy Store profits even in rural areas through our franchise model and various strategies.
  • 24/7 support

    Our expert professionals are at your service 24/7 if you have any queries and even if you need their help in building the strategy for growing your business or customer base.
  • Highest earnings

    With our expert's help and unique business strategies, you can gain high returns by selling products in large quantities. We also make sure that you get the highest commission of up to 13% on all the products.
  • Dedicated Manager

    We provide all the store owners with one dedicated manager who will provide training whenever necessary and help you build a business strategy.

Benefits of joining the Amazon Easy Store Franchise

Low Investment

Low Investment

Anyone who wants to start their own business can easily partner with Amazon Easy. You need to invest in it only once, and also, the Amazon easy store franchise investment amount is significantly less.

Zero Inventory Cost

Zero Inventory Cost

Without managing any inventory, the franchise partner can easily sell any Amazon products with the help of the Amazon easy store.

Fixed Commission

Fixed Commission

Amazon Easy provides a 12% commission for each sold product. So whenever a customer buys any product, your fixed commission will be credited to your bank account.

High Earning Potential

High Earning Potential

With Amazon Easy, all the store partners can easily earn a good commission of up to 12% on the products of different categories. During the festive season, there are huge Amazon sales like the Great Indian Sale, Republic Day Sale, etc. You can earn a commission and also earn good incentives.

Crore products

More than 16 Crore products

Amazon Easy Franchise Partners can order more than 16 crore products for their store without spending any money on inventory costs.

Additional Income

Additional Income

Apart from the Amazon Easy Store commission, you can earn extra income by adding your delivery charges as per the location.


Support From M-Fins

By starting the Amazon Easy Store franchise, you can get the help of the Amazon customer support team in case you face any issues regarding the products.

Locations where Amazon Easy Store is available

Currently, Amazon Easy Stores can be set up in any part of the country. As it is a sharing model, anyone can start a store in a rural area as well.

Amazon Easy Store Review

The overall review of the Amazon Easy Store franchise is excellent due to its unique features. As per the reviews of the sellers who have started this business, it is observed that they have been highly benefited by it. This franchise has already expanded across various states and union territories of India. The simple process has made it popular among ecommerce store owners and helped them improve their online shopping experience.

This Amazon Easy Store franchise has also been a game-changer for regions with limited internet connections. Now they can buy their required products easily. Furthermore, the overall experience of the customers buying the products from Amazon Easy Store has been amazing.

How To Start Amazon Easy Store

Starting an Amazon Easy Store Franchise is relatively easy to start with M-Fins. Initially, you need to check the criteria, and if you fit well, we will quickly help you establish your business in a few days.

If you are ready to start your Amazon Easy franchise business, then get in touch with us by filling the contact us form.

Amazon Easy Store

Amazon Easy Store Amazon Easy Store Franchise

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